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Commissioned Artwork

Priest Commissoned Artwork: Complete by Jim Repenning Over the years Jim and Kristin have been commissioned to do many different subjects in a variety of mediums and styles. They have painted formal and informal portraits of college presidents, children, pets, houses, boats and more. Painting landscapes of favorite or memorable scenes is one of the things we do best. Prices for paintings, drawings and pastels can vary greatly, depending on size, complexity, quality of reference material, and the medium chosen. Here are some rough pricing guidelines:

  • Pencil Drawings – $375. and up
  • Pencil Portraits – $425. and up
  • Pastel Drawings – $425. and up
  • Pastel Portraits – $475. and up
  • Oil Paintings – $500. and up
  • Oil Portraits small head – $800. and up
  • Medium Size informal – $2000. and up
  • Large Corporate – $3,500. and up

After receiving all of the reference material along with a discussion about the look and feel of the painting, a more accurate price will be quoted. After the commission is executed, framing and insured shipping can be arranged at an additional cost.

Method of Payment
Payment is made by check, credit card or money order in three equal, nonrefundable parts:

  • The first payment is due at the time or ordering
  • The second payment is due at the time of review of the work. At that time, appropriate changes can be made.
  • The final payment will be paid upon completion.

All photos supplied will be returned at time of completion.

We also have a large number of students and artists we know who we could get you in contact with for specific jobs at varying rates.

For commission inquiries, call us at 865-310-2340